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Fenton Farm Turkeys
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Fenton Farm Traditionally Barn Reared Christmas Turkeys & Turkey Crowns for 2023

Fenton Farm turkeys and turkey crowns for sale - white turkeys, perfect for a Christmas Day or festive celebration.
Fenton Farm turkeys are renowned for their succulence and rich, tasty, traditional flavour.

Our turkeys are fed a cereal based diet without additives, drugs, growth promoters or animal proteins. Home grown wheat is also fed as a supplementary feed from November onwards to help give the birds a good “finish”.

All the birds are slow growing strains grown over the summer and autumn to give extra flavour and tenderness.

The birds are prepared for the table here on the farm to minimise stress.
They are dry plucked by hand by a willing band of local helpers and hung for 10 days to develop their flavour further.

Barn Reared White Turkeys
The traditional whites are reared in a barn with natural light and ventilation. They are bedded down daily with straw produced on the farm.

Barn Reared White Turkey Crowns 

Turkey Crowns are available.

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